Laughter knows no boundaries and smiles are contagious! Whether it is during an interview or between families and friends, we sometimes need to toe the line between dark jokes, raunchy ones and harmless jokes. Clean jokes are delightful because they combine the wit and wisdom of everyday life. They could be borne from the mud we get into. These delightful punches help us to disentangle ourselves from knotty situations. They can hint at an exit from the situations we find ourselves in. What happens if you have broken a finger? Will you be able to bear the pain and make it lighter by making a cool, clean joke? Or if you someone opens with a line cautioning you about butter,  you might take the first line seriously, not wanting anything serious to have happened to a small but significant daily comfort.  Clean jokes help us to walk out of any situation having the last laugh about a fix. So here is a list of hearty humour suitable for all ages that would help to bring much joy and tears to the conundrums in our lives.