The impact of door colour on property value is an intriguing aspect of real estate aesthetics. According to the study conducted by Zillow, the colour of your front door can potentially influence the perceived value and sale price of your property. The findings revealed that certain door colours have been associated with higher home sale prices.

Black doors fetched the highest payout. Some buyers in the US were willing to pay, on average $6,449 more for a home with a front door that contrasts greatly with white. However, black also polarises buyers as some found it “imposing” and it “does not give positive vibes at all”.
Front doors painted in shades of navy blue or dark grey were found to have a positive impact on property value. The study suggests that these subdued, classic hues create an impression of elegance, sophistication, and timeless appeal, which resonates positively with potential buyers.

On the other hand, doors painted in brighter and more unconventional colours like yellow or red were associated with slightly lower sale prices. The study suggests that these bold colour choices may be more subjective and could potentially limit the appeal to a specific taste or style preference. While some buyers may find these vibrant colours attractive, others may perceive them as more niche or less versatile.

It is important to note that the correlation between door colour and property value is not an exact science and can vary depending on various factors such as location, architectural style, and individual buyer preferences. There are also other practices like Feng Shui that could influence the selection of door colour. However, the study highlights the intriguing influence of small aesthetic choices on potential buyers’
perceptions and their willingness to pay a premium for a home.

When preparing a property for sale, it may be worth considering the impact of door colour and choosing a shade that aligns with the overall aesthetic of the home and the preferences of the target market. A well-chosen door colour can create a positive first impression and potentially contribute to a higher perceived value of the property.