Colours. We see them everywhere. Technically speaking, colour is different wavelengths of light translated into colour by the human brain. Each wavelength resonates with different energy centres of our body and aspects of our life. Colour can be therapeutic and your choice of colours may shed light on your present physical, mental and emotional state.

Color Pencils


Red positively represents courage and strength. It stimulates and energises and is helpful for getting over tiredness. At the same time, it is also the colour of anger and violence. This primary colour induces subtle but intense effects in the management functions of the brain and nervous system and improves blood circulation. Red is recommended in small doses due to its restorative effects.


Orange is known as the colour of creativity and has stronger effects with a combination of red and yellow. It is often related to self-respect and freedom. This colour is used to increase body resistance against infections and is a cure to stiffness and spams. It also plays an important role in increasing metabolism rate, strengthening the lungs, spleen and pancreas and maintaining normal blood pressure.


Yellow is linked to self-confidence and is the colour of intellect. It is helpful with study and tasks where concentration is required. Yellow helps to strengthen muscles and maintain digestive functions. However, prolonged and excessive use can lead to acidity, colitis, hemorrhoids, as well as increase the risk of diseases such as heart rate and delusions.


Green relates to self-love and the ability to give and take unconditionally. It is a balancing colour and is helpful in times of stress as it induces positive thinking. In the field of chromo therapy, dilation of arteries was recorded when green rays penetrate the body. However, excessive absorption of this colour has harmful effects on the muscle tissue and pituitary glands.


Violet is the colour of spiritual awareness and is helpful for mediation. It is one of the cool colours and has calming effects for those having difficulties in sleeping or stress. However, it can be contra-indicated for those suffering from depressive disorders. In chromo therapy, it is used to maintain potassium levels in the body and specific high frequency radiation using this colour inhibits tumours.


This sedative colour relates to self-responsibility and helps in opening up intuitive powers. It is suitable for chromatographic purification and relaxes and slows neuromuscular system, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.


Blue is the colour of self-expression and signifies the ability to express ourselves and our needs. It is a relaxing colour and has soothing effects on the mind, supporting intellectual functioning operation during mediation practices. Blue increases metabolism reaction and is often used in wound healing.


White represents purity and strength. It cleanses the entire body system and enhances the effect of any other colour used along with it. White gives strength and encourages creativity.


Black represents protection and strength and has calming effects for emotionally vulnerable individuals. It should be used sparingly and always in a combination with other colours, especially white. Black balances the polarities of the individual, giving a sense of calm and control.


This colour represents stability and grounding. It calms emotions and facilitates an objective view of life. It is most effectively used to manage hyperactivity in children and adult.