Your home is where your cherished memories lie. Read on to gain practical tips on how you can optimise your living space. 

Each room can tell a different story. Each corner can diffuse a unique aroma. While the emotional and sentimental aspects remain, physical aspects of the house are prone to wear and tear and need replacement over the years. Whether it is a room or the whole house, here are some things you can consider when shopping for your home makeover.

Space Optimisation

Bright ColoursUrban living has resulted in smaller living spaces. For those of us who lived in the era of bigger bedrooms and vast spaces for living areas, we may experience challenges adapting to this new concept. In most modern apartments, it is a common sight to have a combined space for a living room and a dining area.

When choosing interiors for a small living room for example, it would be a good idea to go for less darker colours. Neutral to bright shades create the illusion of larger spaces and divert the attention laterally. Mirrors are also useful in creating larger spaces and when accompanied by soft lighting, create the perfect warm atmosphere that you need to welcome you home.

To optimise space you may also consider furniture with discreet but elegant storage space. One example is furniture with pre-installed drawers or pull outs. Alternately, you can make your own storage space. For example, you have a tea table that has two layers. Use compact boxes to store items in the lower section. If the boxes are aesthetic in design, you may leave them uncovered. Otherwise you can invest in a simple but elegant skirting or table cloth to cover the table.



Aesthetics and ergonomics share a delicate balance. Posture is a factor of great medical concern today. Custom-made furniture sets itself apart not just from the superior quality of make. Customized sizes and designs suit specific architecture, individual postures and body types. Some might also be designed for people with special needs. For example you may custom design an L-shaped sofa to meet the dimensions of your living room.

sofa corner


While it is partly true that customised furniture is a cut above standard furniture in terms of price, this fact does not paint the complete picture.  It is most often the additional cost incurred apart from mass production and detail orientation in the design and development of customised furniture that is passed down to the consumer.



Furniture Rental

Furniture was considered an investment and asset in the past. With migration increasing and reducing family sizes, the idea of furniture rental is novel yet gaining popularity among millennials. Furniture rental is an affordable way to pamper your ever changing desires.

If you need a change of scene, you have the luxury of replacing your rental furniture. Furniture rental can also cater to a multi- generational family’s diverse tastes. Most interestingly, furniture rental gives you the option of trial and error without feeling bad about it. For example if you rent a coffee table and feel that it does not gel with the rest of your living room, you can return it and make a better choice.

Cherish those memories and preserve the elegance. Find out how quality, detail and craftsmanship blend into perfection.

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