The minimal space of urban living is a challenge for those of us who enjoy gardening. The good news is that you can still put your horticulture skills to use.


The novel idea of a terrarium, will not just fulfil your desires. Not many typical gardening challenges are present here. It could also prove a unique gift to someone special.


What it is made of 

  1. Clean glass container with large enough opening to place a plant inside and small holes for drainage of excessive water.
  2. Small stones or pebbles
  3. Potting Charcoal
  4. Sand and potting soil
  5. Plants that can be grown in small pots
  6. Optional items : A funnel , landscaping accessories and chopsticks or tongs



How to do it?

Step 1: Place a mixture of coarse sand and pebbles at the bottom of the container. This is a natural drainage system that absorbs excessive water and prevents rotting of the plant roots. The layer can be one to three centimetres deep depending on the size of the container.


Step 2: Add a layer of charcoal above the layer of pebbles and soil. The charcoal works to keep the soil fresh.


Step 3: Add more soil and ensure it is spread evenly. While uneven soil may seem more attractive, it may not be as conducive for the plant. If there are any specific soils for certain plants such as cacti, they should be added in here.


Step 4: Remove the plant from its original container, taking care not to injure the roots. After removing any traces of sand on the roots, you are ready to place it in the new pot. Take care to pack the sand evenly.

What is important?

  1. Take care not to have too many plants in one terrarium. Limited spaces creates unhealthy competitions for nutrients from the sand and water. Plants may also weed on each other or end up with entangled roots that may prove detrimental.
  1. Soil in a terrarium should be barely moist. Hence you need to water a terrarium about twice a week. Watering more often may cause the unnecessary retention of water which may not be healthy for the plant and may invite mosquitoes.
  1. Should there be signs of moss on a terrarium, just wind down the glass and expose the terrarium to some fresh air.
  1. Finally, remember to prune your plants to keep their size within the terrarium. It would also make a perfect corner piece to brighten up a small room  if they are hung beautifully around the container.
  2. To remain healthy,  a terrarium needs to remain clean. When pruning, remove any dead plants, algae or fungus that might gather in your terrarium.
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