Most liver cancer cases (HCC) diagnosed globally are due to chronic hepatitis B infection, while the rest are due to pre-existing conditions such as liver cirrhosis which is hardening of the liver due to longstanding inflammation and scarring. It is important to recognize the underlying causes early. For example, you can get screening for chronic hepatitis B and C infection You can screen for fatty liver which can also lead to liver cirrhosis Other important risk factors for increased risk of liver cancer includes family history of liver cancer excessive alcohol use smoking. Commonly, people do not realise they have hepatitis B or C or liver cirrhosis for many years. So it is important to screen the liver to detect these underlying conditions therefore reduces your risk to develop liver cancers So anyone of the family history of hepatitis B or C, you should seek attention with your medical doctors and screen any underlying conditions early. How do we reduce the risk factors for getting liver cancer? Well, we can look at three different areas.. First, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle And then early medical screening for these risk factors such as chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. Control the underlying causes to minimise the risk of progression to liver cirrhosis and developing liver cancer. Thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to Like | Subscribe | Share Learn more at