In this engaging and illuminating Q&A extravaganza, join Dr. Jay Lim, a seasoned urologist with a passion for both running and cooking, as he walks the tightrope between his bustling medical practice and his culinary and athletic pursuits. Discover how Dr. Lim expertly juggles these seemingly disparate worlds and find out the secrets to maintaining equilibrium among these diverse passions.

Delve into the fascinating intersection of precision in urological procedures and the creative freedom found in experimenting in the kitchen, as Dr. Lim shares his insights into the balance of art and science in his life. Dr. Lim also offers a unique perspective on the world of urology, sharing his favorite recipe analogy to describe his practice and the ways he applies attention to detail from the kitchen to the operating room. With a focus on innovation, Dr. Lim discusses his futuristic urology-related gadget ideas and emerging technologies that excite him. Furthermore, he explores the profound connection between personal wellness, including his love for running, and his role as a urologist.

Get a glimpse into the future as Dr. Lim reveals his plans to further integrate his passions into his urology practice and shares personal insights about establishing a COVID-19 hospital at the expo and maintaining positive doctor-patient relationships in a specialized field. Additionally, enjoy some lighthearted moments from his career that showcase the human side of this skilled and dedicated urologist.  @panasiasurgery1922