For many millennia of human history, people have been studying the Aura-Energy Field of objects – in particular, those of human and animal bodies.

According to Dr. Valerie Hunt’s research, the human energy field permeates the entire body and radiates to the outside, inches to feet beyond the body’s surface. This field has been validated in scientific laboratories as light emissions using photometers and colour filters, as described in Dr Valerie Hunt’s book Infinite Mind.

Her ground-breaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, diseases and emotional pathologies.

Based on Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s research, our physical body is composed of two parts: The visible physical body which we see, touch and the invisible physical body. This invisible physical body, also known as energy body or aura, appears to the clairvoyants and psychics as a luminous energy field interpenetrating the physical body and extending out for about 4 to 5 inches beyond.

Just as the physical body has blood vessels through which blood flows, the energy body has fine invisible energy channels called merdians or nadi through which the qi or life force (prana) flows and is distributed all over the body. It is through the energy body that qi or  life force (prana) is absorbed and distributed throughout the whole body by the chakras system.

What are Chakras?

Just as the visible physical body has vital and minor organs, the energy body has major, minor and mini chakras. Chakras system consists of chakras or energy centres which are actually major acupuncture points, energy points or nodes in the energy body. Chakras are very important parts of the energy body. The major chakras not only control and energise the vital organs of the body, but also control and affect the person’s physiological, psychological and mental conditions.

When all chakras are healthy, the capability to handle challenging situations increases, thus improving one’s ability to cope and manage stress better. On the other hand, when one’s chakras are malfunctioning, he may be emotional, unable to think clearly, feel physically weak and is thus less able to cope and manage stress.

Stress Tolerance Level

Stress is often named as one of the causes for many ailments. What is stress? It is a mental or psychological response towards an adverse and challenging situation, person or object. However, each person reacts differently to a similar situation. How much stress one can tolerate depends on his physical health, mental state, psychological condition and, not known to many, the condition of one’s chakras. In fact, the physical body, mental state and psychological condition of a person are very much affected by the condition of one’s chakras.

Here are some examples on how some chakras affect our ability to respond to challenges – in other words, the tolerance level towards stress.

Solar Plexus Chakra – emotional centre

The Solar Plexus chakra is the centre of both positive and negative emotions. When this chakra is strong, one is assertive and less reactive emotionally.Continuous negative emotions such as stress, anger, etc, weaken the Solar Plexus chakra and connecting organs will eventually suffer blockages and malfunctions.

As it is located at the centre of the body trunk, it adversely affects many vital organs like the liver, diaphragm, pancreas, stomach or the shoulders. These are common areas where stress manifests. However, if the Solar Plexus chakra is in good condition, it will take a lot more intense negative emotions to cause an adverse reaction to the same challenging situation.

Prolonged negative emotions cause malfunctioning of the Solar Plexus chakra, and this affects the other chakras too because chakras are interconnected and any malfunctioning chakra not healed will eventually affect other chakras.

Basic Chakra – physical health

Another interesting fact about how stress impacts our physical health from the aspect of chakra: As mentioned above, a prolonged period of blockages at the Solar Plexus chakra can affect the Basic chakra. The Basic chakra controls and energises the muscular and skeletal systems. The heart is basically made up of muscles, thus a weak or blocked Basic chakra affects the physical heart.

The Basic chakra also produces energy that energises and strengthens the entire visible physical body. When it is weak, the proper functioning of one’s motor skills and brain is affected due to the low flow of life-force or prana. This results in the inability to think clearly and stay alert if a person has been exposed to a prolonged period of stress or negative emotions, including the lack of energy, which affects work performance and decision making.

Every chakra has multiple critical functions in our energy body, and the energy body is interlaced with our physical major and vital organs. For example, the Heart chakra can influence our relationships; while the Throat chakra gives us creative expression and so forth.

In summary, malfunctioning chakras can lead to bad health, poor relationships, weak physical body, undesired financial conditions and poor mental and psychological state.

One effective way to keep our chakras healthy is through Pranic Healing. Pranic Healing is a synthesis of all the healing techniques practised in ancient civilizations like India, Egypt and China, making it one of the most advanced and comprehensive methods of directing the flow of energy in the body. Prana is a common theme that recurs in the healing practices of various ancient civilizations, though it is known by different names (e.g. “Chi” in China and “Manna” in Polynesia). Today, it is one of the most distinctive and successful forms of modern-day holistic health care ever developed.