Malaysia stands at the forefront in offering high-quality screening services for preventive health such as cardiology, oncology and Hepatitis C.

Kuala Lumpur May 2023 Recent years have seen a shift in healthcare trends from curative to preventive health. This is an essential step in the evolution of the healthcare ecosystem. Besides enhancing one’s awareness of their current health condition, it gives them the option of choosing the best preventive routes. Additionally, preventive healthcare facilitates the detection of medical concerns at the earliest stage possible, thus increasing chances of a better prognosis.

Malaysia Healthcare is paving the way in providing healthcare travellers with easier access to quality and comprehensive health screening offerings as well as opportunities for exploring the myriad attractions in the country with its Premium Wellness Programme. This programme is in collaboration with top-tier private medical establishments, hotels and travel and tour agents in Malaysia. Its offerings conveniently combine top-notch health screening services and accommodations as well as an array of leisure tour offerings for healthcare travellers who are looking to experience the finest of Malaysia’s healthcare and hospitality in a safe and trustworthy setting.

Besides comprehensive health screening that can be catered to one’s age, gender and current health status, healthcare travellers can also choose more targeted screenings for diseases such as Hepatitis C, cancer and heart-related issues.

Because Hepatitis C can be asymptomatic during the initial stages, regular screening for the disease is essential to ensure that the disease is caught early. As a Hepatitis C Treatment Hub in Asia, Malaysia is home to numerous private healthcare establishments that offer easy Hepatitis C screening and treatments for all genotypes, including HIV patients.

Similarly, the early detection of cancer is crucial for better treatment success rates. This is where routine screenings are essential. Pap smears and  mammograms can be included for women, while men should get their prostate tested. A low-dose CT scan is also recommended for active smokers or those who have just quit smoking. Aligned with Malaysia’s commitment to be the Cancer Care Centre of Excellence, the country has the necessary expertise and equipment to meet the cancer screening and treatment needs of all healthcare travellers.

With cardiovascular diseases being one of the main causes of death worldwide[1], healthcare travellers should also get regular screening to ascertain their cardiovascular health. This is especially important for those who have a family history of cardiovascular diseases or are diagnosed with any underlying diseases that put them at risk of developing heart disease. Malaysia stands strong as the Cardiology Hub of Asia, offering comprehensive cardiology screening, treatments and care for all.

With Malaysia’s Premium Wellness Programme, healthcare travellers can enjoy a luxurious stay in a world-class hotel, healthy meals and scenic tours, and just spare half-a-day or so for a comprehensive health screening procedure that best fits their needs.

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The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is a government agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia that has been entrusted with the responsibility of curating the country’s healthcare travel scene. Founded in 2009, MHTC works to streamline industry players and service providers in facilitating and growing Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry under the brand “Malaysia Healthcare” with the intended goal of making Malaysia the leading global healthcare destination. MHTC works closely with over 80 private healthcare facilities in Malaysia, who are registered members of MHTC.