Horticulture is a buzzword in today’s green community. Yet, few would know that it was one of the ways that gardening was born.

Gardening may be appear to be challenging in urban living, but let us not forget that man and nature share a unique bond. With the abundance of food options, a garden has taken a gradual backseat in our homes too.

We share some interesting benefits of gardening and how the greenery in our homes and lives can be revived                        

  Relaxed Gardening                                             




Gardening Relieves Stress

Digging, pruning, weeding and harvesting are an outlet for the stress that your body is experiencing after a hard week at work. Exposure to fresh air and sunlight are medically proven to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body.

Gardening does not fail to inspire

Gardening is a skill that requires some research, careful planning and skillful execution. At times, it involves problem solving when a plant does not grow well or dies. Gardening will keep you on your toes as you read about the best type of soil, the best conditions to grow specific plants in or even what to grow next.


A GardenerPicnic Wrap Eats a Healthier Diet

Home grown fruits and vegetables are the safest and no doubt the tastiest foods imaginable Home based gardening is pesticide free and the freshest food that you could find around. Imagine picking a fresh tomato in your kitchen garden and cutting it into the filling of your Sandwich or wrap?

As you munch it with on a picnic you are convinced that nothing could taste better!


Gardening keeps you Fit

Enough said about digging, pruning, weeding and harvesting. The physical exertion involved in such tasks makes up for the many recommended exercises by health experts and more importantly, in the company of nature. The physical exertion involved in gardening moves every part of the body and burns between 150 -400 calories depending on the type of activity involved.

A Gardener has a stronger immune system

The Vitamin D absorbed from the sun helps you fight off colds and the flu. The “friendly” soil bacteria that is common in garden dirt has been found to alleviate symptoms of allergies. The vibrant colours that you are exposed to in a garden, also promise to keep you mentally healthy (Find out how colours can work wonders in 5 Ways Colouring Helps your Mind)

Gardening by hand So go ahead and get your hands dirty!

How can you stay safe while gardening?

How does gardening fit into urban living?  


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