The market is in abundance of health gadgets to monitor our health and enhance your experiences during  workouts.


Let’s check out what’s hip, while keeping fit.

  1. fit bitFitbit Blaze

Fitness trackers seem to be the rage in the fitness market these days. Known as a “smart fitness watch” with a sense of style, the Fitbit Blaze is a popular fitness tracker.

The device is designed like a watch which you can wear all day long. It comes in multiple colours and consumers have the option of swapping straps, between silicon, leather and steel. Now you can stay fashionable while you sweat it out!

The Blaze tracks your daily activities, regardless the impact of the exercise you engage in. It monitors your heart rate and count your steps, among other functions. You can check out the data which is imported into an app on your mobile. You can also receive phone notifications. Out of battery after 3 to 4 days? Pop the Blaze out of its frame and snap it into the charging dock that comes separately from the Blaze.


Lumo Run shorts and leggings

Designed for both men and women, the Lumo Run shorts or capris come with a sensor technology in the waistband which captures the real time motion tracking of human body movement as one is running. Want instant feedback on how to improve your form as you run? The Lumo Run tracks the runner’s biometrics at any point in the run, for example – steps, stride length, bounce, ground contact time and the app on the runner’s mobile will give coaching tips in real time. This enables the runner to run more efficiently and prevent any potential injuries.


Withings Thermo

This sThermomart thermometer uses 16 infrared sensors to read your temperature and deliver accurate readings in just 2 seconds! Simply do a quick scan over the forehead and instant colour-coding feedback will indicate the severity of the fever. Made available for both Android devices and iPhone, the product can sync data and readings to an app via Wi-Fi and can track temperatures for multiple users – perfect for the whole family! The product includes a blood pressure monitor and smart body analyser. Effectively used, it will reduce your risk of being a victim of a medical emergency such as a heart attack. .

Talk about staying cool while you take your temperature.


Under Armour’s Health Box

The “world’s first connected fitness system” is a kit to get you into shape. Under Armour’s Health Box is one big red box which features a wearable tracker, a chest-strap heart rate monitor and a lightweight wearable band which displays workout duration, steps and intensity.

The heart-rate monitor tracks the amount of calories burnt off with each workout and will send data to the band over Bluetooth for more accurate readings.

As for the smart scale, just hop on with a mobile and it will show your weight and your body fat percentage. The device can store up to eight profiles and syncs over Wi-Fi, so your whole family can also measure their progress. Technology just made your life easier, didn’t it?


Let ‘s Get Moving !

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