We have gone into a virtual world where physical interactions do not matter as much as before! Is Your Gadget Your Boss?

virtual worldWhenever possible, we take opportunities to catch up on our friends on social media, perhaps watch the latest episode of our favourite Korean drama, pay our bills or just plain surfing!

While the internet provides a wealth of information and source of global connectivity at the click of a button, it cannot be denied that it has also gained significant control on our lifestyles and perspectives. It has become a common habit to use a mobile device to seek information at the tap of a finger. Dissatisfaction and frustration are apparent expressions when the information is not found or inaccurate.

online shoppingIndustry players such as manufacturers of gadgets  and providers of technology-related services have monetized upon the consumer addiction and ease of access. Almost any service be it a necessity or an occasional luxury or even buying your lottery via a betting service can be found online today.

The risk of the unknown and many previous tangible aspects of consumerism such as personal touch have gradually lost importance to those seeking convenience above quality. On the other hand, the access to the internet and various platforms have provide greater expression of consumer opinion , translating the concept of a brand image from the message the product conveys to the opinion that the people convey.

All this has somehow made the virtual world overpower the real world! Events such as seminars and conferences are organised on virtual platforms where people from all over the world connect through technology aided devices. Communication is considered easier done through an instant message as opposed to a call.


What does this mean for the common man and how can we strike a balance between the virtual world and the real world?

  1. Do you feel a form of anxiety if you are away from your phone even for a few minutes?

It has become seemingly a challenge for people to remain sustained in conversation without peeking at their mobile devices be it out of necessity or habitual. They are constantly checking on messages, emails or updating their activities on social media. Any experience needs to be related in social media. In fact, forgetting or losing a mobile device will disable a number of key daily function that people engage in.

  1. Have you experienced a situation in a collective setting where individuals are hooked on and plugged in?

In a collective setting such as a social gathering, there is a high chance of sighting a few individuals who are bunched together hooked on to their individual devices and plugged in, with not a clue of the surrounding events. Without a mobile device or for the lack of the habit, you could even stand to be left out!

Persistent compulsive use of the device, distorts our perception of the world and may result in the eventual inability to distinguish reality and fantasy. There are fine lines of addiction here.

It would help to take a momentary break from these devices and engage in physical interactions that would create the opportunity for physical awareness of the real world.


  1. IPAD Ever felt you wanted faster reactions from people and things?

You would perhaps have not worried as much if the person did not answer a call but seem anxious that you have not received a reply to their message send just a few seconds earlier. The virtual world has created an urgency for response and a need for constant activity.

Our complaints of a faster paced environment can be attributed to our own need of constant reactions. We must make efforts to slow down our lives and thus regain a taste for those simple joys that give a beautiful meaning to life.

As we advance into a connected world, we need to protect ourselves and our personalities from being absorbed by technology.

Put your device aside and explore some interesting activities that technology cannot offer!

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