In this age, information has become so accessible to facilitate lifelong learning. This is an essential ingredient to grow as a person and to improve health. When we stop learning, our potential is limited, and so is growth in our mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual faculties. Keeping a child-like sense of wonder of people and the world around us provides opportunities to to develop skills and talents to enrich our lives.

Cultivating hobbies help us stay fascinated with life and develop our physical capabilities because our bodies, minds and beings are connected with with the society at large. What we do not use, we lose, be it muscles or new brain synapses firing away. In this article, we explore hobbies that will help us develop five areas of health.

Spiritual Health

It is great to cultivate a hobby that develops our spiritual quotient as this will enable us to be happier and become more balanced and healthier individuals. When there is something larger than ourselves that can trust in, such as God or spiritual force, it provides hope, something that is very powerful in the whole equation of life. As uncertainties and change are the constant and norms in life, this spiritual quotient can help to give us assurance that all will be well in the future. This will certainly help us during trying times in life. Getting regularly involved in a spiritual activity, such as attending church. has helped many individuals to live more meaningful and socially connected lives.

Take a moment to evaluate the area you wish to further develop and choose a related hobby. Whichever new hobby you choose to pursue will definitely provide a new dimension of excitement and growth that will further enrich your life.

Social Health

Join a new community activity or a club to start a new hobby, such as cooking or volunteering for a social cause. It is always fun to get together with like-minded people and do something together. If a group for an activity that you are keen on does not exist in your area, then it may be time to be take the lead and start one. Cultivating hobbies that enhance social health is a deterrent to isolation and depression. We need to keep exploring different activities until we find a hobby that fits our social preferences.

Try public speaking by checking out Toastmasters clubs or joining the Rotary club. You may be pleasantly surprised by the untapped potential in you, just waiting to be discovered! So many people have advanced in their careers just because they took the initiative to get out there to network or try public speaking. I used to hate public speaking as I would get tongue-tied, until I joined Toastmaster and revel in public speaking now. This, of course, has boosted my confidence to speak off the cuff at events. public speaking is a hobby that can be learned and it pays great dividends.

Mental Health

Nothing beats boosting mental health by learning a new language or a new subject that interests us. Hobbies may also include photography or archaeology, activities that we did not have opportunity to pursue in our earlier years.

As we learn something new, our brain neurons rewire and fire away to keep our brain cells healthy. The pleasure that comes with learning is enormous as it boosts self-esteem. Learning to invent, compose and create, be it a mechanical device, writing, song composition or a floral arrangement, is a great way to keep the juices flowing! There are no limits to our capabilities as long as we are willing to keep on trying. Being creative is great for boosting mental health.

Physical Health

Having a desk-bound job leads to more inactivity in our lives. Hobbies that help move our bodies will increase physical health. Having friends to share a physical hobby with, such as working out in the gym, makes it more pleasurable. Hobbies such as hiking,dancing, running, swimming, tennis, golf or badminton are great ideas to try. It is never too late to try out a new sport.

A friend of mine started ballroom dancing when she was in her late fifties.She was so good at it that she went on to perform for a huge crowd of thousands of people. Dancing not only helped her lose weight and obtain a svelte figure, but also boosted her morale tremendously, which in turn improved her emotional health.

Emotional Health

Keeping a pet dog or cat is a great way to enhance emotional health as animals can show so much love. Studies have shown that people who own dogs or cats live longer as it increases their capacity to love, which in turn fuels wellbeing. We are emotional beings created to love and anything that expands this love capacity increases emotional health.

Hobbies that make us happy will improve our emotional health. Laughter is a great stress reliever, hobbies that make us laugh at ourselves are tremendous help in relieving stress. Taking drama or singing lessons are great hobbies that express the creative sides is us, thereby benefiting our wellbeing.