Dr. Jay Lim

About Dr. Jay Lim

Consultant Urologist PanAsia Surgery Group
MBBS (U of Sydney, Australia)

Dr Jay Lim is a Consultant Urologist at PanAsia Surgery Group. Before joining PanAsia, Dr Lim was trained at SGH and had a fellowship in robotic surgery at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He was the first doctor to be appointed Principal Medical Investigator by Artificial Intelligence Singapore, and he was the Director of the Urology Cancer Registry (UroCaRe).

Dr Lim specialises in kidney stone diseases, including acute renal colic; horseshoe kidneys; and pregnancy-related, stone related and single kidney patients. He is trained in the full spectrum approach for large and small renal stones, including endoscopic, laparoscopic and ultrasound-based supine percutaneous techniques for large stones.
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