With our busy work schedules, squeezing in time to exercise at all seems like a miracle. A lot of us often resign ourselves to sedentary lives, despite knowing the perils of an inactive lifestyle. This need not be. With the seven tricks below, you and your family can get your active lifestyles back!

1. Work out as you commute

From jogging or cycling to work, to taking the stairs instead of the lift, there are a myriad of ways to get your sweat on as you make your way to work. Doing so in Singapore is especially convenient with park connectors springing out every few years, and where the weather is generally cool in the mornings. You can also avoid the rush hour traffic and crowds. In addition, exercising in the morning releases dopamine, happy chemicals in your brain that trigger feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction to kick start your day.

2. Wake up earlier

Wake up earlier to give yourself more time! The time before work is the best part of the day to exercise if you’re looking for an effective after-burn. Of course, waking up early doesn’t equate to less sleep. Rather, it is an adjustment in your sleeping hours. If you lack motivation, just remember to prepare everything the night before, and this might even include sleeping in your workout attire!

3. Lunch break workout

Not everyone has the privilege of an extended lunch break, but if you do, then your membership with a nearby gym can come in handy. If the gym isn’t for you, then a few blocks of fast walking wouldn’t hurt either. Remember, always do your workout before you eat, not after, for your body needs to refuel post-workout.

4. Workout at work

Work and exercise shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and desk exercises are the ultimate testament to that. From arm and leg rotations to shoulder, neck and torso stretches, there are a variety of mini exercises you can do that will make your day at the office less mundane and more active. You can even place small dumbbells at your desk as a reminder to get down to work, as you work.

5. Bring your kids along

Bring your kids with you to the track or the local pool, to cycle or just on long walks. There is no shortage of activities you can pursue with your kids. Besides, it’s also great fun for the family and sure beats staying cooped up in different rooms all day with eyes glued to mobile devices.

6. Bring your spouse on a fitness date

Instead of spending money on lavish dinner dates, fitness dates can keep you and your partner happy without breaking the bank. In addition, exercising together is endearing because the feel good chemicals released by the brain are associated with the person you exercise with rather than the exercise itself. Fitness dates hence help you feel better about yourself, and your partner as well.

7. Make the living room your gym

The living room is often associated with relaxation, a couch for resting and a television for entertainment. The trick here is to open up a space between the couch and television, one where you can engage in simple exercises like squats, lunges, push ups and jumping jacks. Place an exercise mat there to remind you the purpose of the space, with dumbbells and skipping ropes for motivation. Do this often and you may even be a positive influence on your family!