Taking Good Care of the Family | Dr John Hsiang

If you have any family members that has been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis b It is important to go to your doctor and request for a hepatitis b screening test for everyone in the family. Chronic hepatitis b infection has no symptoms it is usually silent in the early stages. While liver cancer does not spread in a household chronic hepatitis b can be transferred in a family particularly from a pregnant mother who is infected towards the children. It is necessary for a pregnant mother to be screened for hepatitis b because hepatitis b infection can be transmitted directly to the child at birth. This is called vertical transmission. There are several treatments available for liver cancers. If it’s small and localised to one area your doctor can offer you surgery or liver transplantation. If the size is slightly bigger your doctor can do chemo-embolization where they inject chemotherapy agents directly into the liver cancer. As hepatitis b vaccination was only available in Singapore in the 1980s those people who were born before 1980s should be screened properly for hepatitis b infection. Thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to Like | Subscribe | Share Learn more at www.prime.sg #primeis #Primeishealth #primemagsg #primemagazinesingapore #singapore #singaporehealth #singaporemedicine #healthiswealth