Prime Magazine | Oct-Nov2022 Issue (PDF Downloadable Version)

Prime Magazine | Oct-Nov2022 Issue (PDF Downloadable Version)


  • PRIME Mag | Oct-Nov 2022 Issue

    • Prime Exclusive Interview : DR ANEEZ D.B AHMED
    • EAT WELL AMD’S WELL: AMD and Nutrition
    • KEEPING ABREAST: Busting Myths: Breast Cancer/Mammogram
    • BEER AND PRESENT DANGER: Alcohol = Liver Cancer?
    • LIMITLESS: Ageing, Sporting Excellence, Infection and Cancer
    • BEYOND MUSCLES AND BONES: Physiotherapy – Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • DISCOMFORT FOOD: Food Allergy, Gluten tolerance and Celiac Disease
    • SAFE DOSE: Non-Invasieve Cardiac Tests and Radiation Exposure
    • TAKING A LOAD OFF THE MIND: Parkinson’s Disease


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