It is important to maintain a healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercises, maintain a good body weight because obesity and type 2 diabetes can increase your risk of liver cancer by two to three-folds. If you have underlying chronic conditions like chronic hepatitis B or C A person with type 2 diabetes it is important to have good control of the diabetes and this will also reduce the risk of liver cancers. Like metformin or cholesterol medications like statins can reduce the liver cancer risk as well. You also need to stop smoking and reduce excessive alcohol use. These will also minimise your cancer risk. If you have a family member with chronic hepatitis B it is important your family members get screened for hepatitis B because this can be vertically transmitted through an infected mother. A lot of people do not notice so you should be screened for hepatitis b and this is a very important risk factor for liver cancer development. Once you are diagnosed with the pre-existing conditions like chronic hepatitis b or cirrhosis you should follow up with your medical specialist regularly to reduce your cancer development risk in the future. Controlling the infections with simple medications once a day can also significantly reduce your cancer risk. So once you are diagnosed with pre-existing conditions like chronic hepatitis b you can be treated with potent medication like Tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) which can reduce your cancer risk by 50-80% over time. It can also reduce your chance of developing liver cirrhosis For hepatitis c we can treat with Direct Acting Antivirals or DAAs which gives you very high eradication rate that clears your chronic hepatitis c and reduces chance of liver cirrhosis and liver cancers. Thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to Like | Subscribe | Share Learn more at