“I decided long ago /never to walk in anyone’s shadow/ if I fail, or if I succeed/ at least I did as I believe.” (Greatest Love of All)

“Greatest Love of All” is a popular song that was originally recorded by George Benson for the 1977 biographical film “The Greatest,” which depicts the life of boxer Muhammad Ali. However, it was Whitney Houston’s rendition of the song in 1985 that brought it to even greater prominence. It received critical acclaim and achieved significant commercial success.

“If I fail, or if I succeed / at least I did as I believe,” reflects the idea of individuality, self-belief, and personal determination. It expresses a firm decision to reject the notion of living in someone else’s shadow or trying to conform to others’ expectations. Individuals make conscious choices to pursue their own beliefs and convictions, rather than conforming to societal pressures or following the footsteps of others. There is a willingness to take risks and embrace failure as part of the personal journey. One is able to fall more in love with life and love others when we authentically open up our hearts to ourselves and others.

This line has lifted many weary souls up as it inspires individuals to have the courage to be themselves and to pursue their dreams without fear of judgment or failure. It encourages self-empowerment and reminds us that our beliefs and actions should be guided by our own inner compass rather than seeking validation or approval from others.

Not being true to oneself can lead to a variety of negative consequences. It can create a sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction, as we are not living in alignment with our values, passions, and aspirations. We may feel a lack of fulfilment and a sense of emptiness, as we are not living authentically and expressing our true selves.

It can also result in inner conflict and internal struggles. When we suppress our true thoughts and emotions, they may manifest in unhealthy emotions, such as anxiety, depression, or physical ailments. If we feel a constant sense of unease and restlessness, knowing deep down that we are not living in alignment with who we truly are. All these can hinder personal growth and self-discovery.

The song “Greatest Love of All” sums up love by reminding us that love is universal. To love others, we must love and embrace self-awareness and authenticity. By honouring our true thoughts, emotions, and desires, we can make choices that bring greater joy to others. Love aligns us to higher values and help us lead a life of greater happiness and fulfilment.