This difference in experiences and opinions among today’s, grandparents, parents, young adults and children is defined as the generation gap.

We share strategies to bridge the gap, hoping to blossom a positive relationship between these generations

Multi-Generational environments are norm in today’s society at large. Generations bring with them diverse experience, opinions and even cultures. With diversity comes difference and with difference comes virtual distance. There are things that may not set well between individuals in this multi-generational setting creating what is the known as the generation gap.

What causes this gap?

Lack of communication as a result of a lack of time.

Prevalent in urban lifestyles with nuclear families, the race against time does not leave enough room for effective cross-generational interaction. This lack of communication, reduces the levels of cross generational understanding and hence differences of opinions.

Authority and Power StrugglesGenerational Gap

Each family may have a set of values and norms that indirectly dictates a hierarchy making the older generation a supreme authority. With all decisions made by an elder, the younger generation tend to feel a lack of freedom and want to break out of the                                                                        trap at the earliest opportunity.


Care for Feelings

Traditional customs have taken a rather non-emotional and punitive approach to adult-child relationships. With age, this results in a lack of inter generational support and an increased distance between generations. Not wanting to handle disapproval, the younger generation seek like-minded company to compliment their lifestyle. This lack of time spent with family will result in a lack of effective interaction and may risk the impacts of negative peer pressure.


How to bridge that gap?

Break the Ice

Communication is essential for the success of any relationship. It is imperative for the whole family to maintain an open forum and ample opportunities for communication. The foundation for successful communication is the willingness to lend a listening ear and the respect for opinion.


Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

A school going child or a working adult needs a break from that rat race. To achieve this balance as well as to have more opportunities for interactions, families can collectively nurture hobbies such as growing a small kitchen garden that allow for inter generational
interactions, opportunities for communication and the healthy exchange of ideas.

Family Garden)Do not Play Judge

If older generations were to take a less judgemental approach to the ideas of the younger generation, it would be a wonderful strategy to overcome communication and relationship barriers. If at the same time, the younger generation could approach the older generation with openness to their experiences, we would be experiencing some interesting intellectual exchanges in the world.

Revive the bond and relive your youth!

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