Dr. Christopher Kong San Choon

About Dr. Christopher Kong San Choon

Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Liver)
StarMed Specialist Centre

Dr Christopher Kong San Choon is a specialist in the field of Gastroenterology. He was inducted as a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in 1999. Dr Kong completed his training in General Internal Medicine (GIM) and Gastroenterology in the UK, and was accredited into the United Kingdom Speciality register in 2007 for both GIM and Gastroenterology.

Dr Kong has been involved in multiple clinical trials and research studies, with multiple publications in scientific and clinical journals. He performed the first motorised spiral enteroscopy in Southeast Asia in 2019, a new technique which makes it possible for small intestines to be thoroughly examined in just 30 minutes, in contrast to 6 hours by balloon-assisted endoscopes.

He also helped set up the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Sengkang General Hospital as Clinical Lead of the department. Dr Kong previously served as Senior Consultant in Singapore General Hospital and was Director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre.
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