In our imperfect world, there is no perfect solution to everything. Our jobs are not perfect, and the roles that we are in seem to serve the selfish corporate world instead of philanthropically and self-sacrificially serving others. The limitations placed on doing more to help others can frustrate us. If we were a cobbler, it would be nice to have a higher calling to help another person find bigger answers. other than mending shoes On the other hand, some jobs actually make life worse for others. If we were a car dealer, instead of making customers pay for cars, it might be more enriching to encourage them to save the environment and live healthier lives by walking. It would also save them a lot of money.

But life is full of humour and wit. If our job titles are like signs that can be changed or inscribed to guide us to something more meaningful, we perhaps would be more fulfilled. Life is full of possibilities if we have the wit, cleverness and imagination to think up the impossible that we can creatively do. We also need to have the boldness to act on what we believe is good for others. Here are some humourous signs that make us feel that life is better if we have a good laugh. Just do not believe that they are true!