When we are unwell, we look forward to our recovery. Eating certain foods can help.


It is indeed unfortunate to be unwell in any way and in particular when the condition requires surgery. While symptoms can vary, the one thought that remains constant is recovery. Bitter medicines leave a horrid after-taste that can kill whatever little appetite you have.

Chronic conditions and high Fevers can drain energy levels and leave us lethargic if we do not consume a sustained diet during treatment and recovery. Here are some foods that will pump your body up and speed up your recovery.


Lemon Juice

 Lemon Juice

Fresh Lemon, water and a tinge of salt are the simple ingredients that make this drink does wonders. Add a tinge of honey for taste and it can make itself a refreshing drink at any time of the day. This drink is best consumed luke warm.


Fresh Fruits

Pineapples, papayas, oranges, grapes, apples, grapefruits, and mangoes. Any seasonal fruit in its original form or as drink can refuel your body’s needs for proteins and nutrients. Fruits are known to sustain energy levels and you can have this at any time or even with a meal. Add some fresh milk to make a smoothie if you need to gain some muscle mass.


Note: Try to avoid dry fruits or preserved fruits as they lack freshness and contain artificial preservatives. Often such preservatives contain added sugars that are not ideal for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes.  


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Tortillas and salads

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A tortilla with the right filling can include meat that is mild on the stomach, abundance of vegetables and cottage cheese to add to taste would promise to drive away any horrible aftertaste of medicines. Given its fresh fillings, a salad makes up for the body’s nutrients, proteins and even fat replenishments.


Dairy Products. 

During your recovery, you can actually put the thoughts of growing fat aside. In fact, consuming fat rich dairy products such as full cream milk and cream will calm your digestive system. Yogurt made of full cream milk has good bacteria that will ease any digestive problems that you may face during the course of recovery.


However, you should consume such full cream dairy products only for about a week or so to replenish the fats lost during your illness. After about a week, your body’s metabolism is restored well enough to sustain itself with a regular intake of low fat dairy products.


Vegetable soup

If you are not too keen on fresh vegetables, another alternative is vegetable soups. Healthy vegetable soups contains root vegetables such as carrots and celery, cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, spinach and garlic and onions for seasoning

vegetable soup meal

If we look at the above, each can be incorporated into a meal or even make a meal on its own. If they suit your taste, these dishes can also be consumed on a regular basis to maintain a healthy diet. You can make it even healthier by growing fruits and vegetables at home where space and time permit.


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