A Childhood Webinar Cancer: Pediatric Cancer

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Speaker 1: Dr. Gurpal Singh

Childhood Cancer of The Bone and Soft Tissues

We all want our children to be healthy and active. Although childhood cancer is rare, it is of utmost importance to recognise when something is not right. Learn about cancer in children with a special focus on bone and soft tissue cancers.

Speaker 2: Dr Tracie Lazaroo

Managing Caregiver Psychological Stress

Caregivers experience numerous burdens that can feel overwhelming, especially if the person feels emotionally distressed or ill-equipped for the task. Caregiver stress is becoming increasingly important as it impacts the individual’s mental, physical health and relationships. Self-care should be taken as an integral part of care-giving. Learn to identity emotional triggers and responses to stress and strategies on how to manage difficult emotions, burn out and maintain balance in life.



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