Doing yoga will stretch and strengthen the back which will help to bring relief to back pains caused by weakness and tightness.

Yoga Lab is a space for everyone who wants to experiment with and explore the practice of yoga, with expert guidance. The opening of Yoga Lab is Jasmine’s way of spreading her deep love for the practice, and she is thrilled to provide a safe environment for practitioners of all levels and a space for all to share their passion for yoga.

Yoga Lab is founded on the belief that yoga should be accessible to all. Said Jasmine: “We take care to ensure that each class is small enough so that you get the attention and space you need, while our expert teachers provide instruction that is easy to understand.”

Jasmine is always inspired by her students, and loves seeing students grow stronger not just physically but also mentally through their yoga practice. We posed some questions to her about how doing yoga can benefit people who are suffering from back pain.

Is doing yoga mainly a relief for back pain, or can there be a more permanent solution?

Done regularly, yoga can be a permanent solution for back pains.

Is there a specific type of yoga that is more effective for back pain?

I would recommend starting with slower practices to focus on stretching and strengthening the back.

How many postures are involved, and should they be done in a sequence?

There are a variety of poses which will help. You can follow the progressive variations that are shared below.

Should I practise once a day, and is there a preferable time of the day or night?

Yoga poses can be done at any time, day or night.

Are there any poses that we should avoid doing because they are not helpful for back pain relief?

Be more cautious with forward folds. We want to always keep legs slightly wide apart and keep the knees bent if we are working with back issues.