The male skin is structurally different from the female skin.

Yet, it does need almost the same level of attention to sustain a good look.  

Read on to know more.


The marketing strategies of most skincare products are targeted women. It is true that the female skin is less resilient than male skin and hence needs more attention. Male skin has its advantages in thickness and hydration. Yet, it goes without saying that the male skin also needs its share of tender loving care.

Healthy skin has its origins in two basic principles – maintenance and commitment. While this is part of our daily routine, the key question and the answer to long term sustainability is to ask is ourselves whether we are doing it right?

Let us take a quick check on common mistakes made in daily skin care and few simple steps for better skin care.


Wrong , Mistake

   One soap cleans all



Tick correctThe skin on different parts of the body have different levels of sensitivity. Skin is most sensitive on the face. Hence being negligent in proper facial skin care can increase dryness and hence the risk of injury, allergies and pigmentation. Body soap is not as mild as a facial cleanser and hence may cause the texture of the facial skin to become rough.


Wrong , Mistake
  Skipping the sunscreen



Tick correct Regardless of gender, sunscreen is responsible for protecting the  skin from harmful UV rays that is caused by exposure to the sun.  UV is also largely responsible for wrinkles and premature ageing.  UV burns skin and excessive exposure may cause skin cancer.


Wrong , Mistake

Giving the Moisturiser a miss



Tick correctMen have generally more moist skin. This is due to the male hormone testosterone that sustains the size of the sebaceous gland that is in turn responsible for producing natural oils within our body. However, men also loose water faster than women as they sweat more. This calls for sustaining skin moisture.

In addition, the process of shaving exfoliates the skin and a moisturiser is essential to for skin cell repair, giving it a fresh look. Not only does a moisturiser have immediate benefits, its lubricant properties also provide a cover for the skin and have long term benefits in slowing down signs of ageing and enables peak performance of the skin.


Tips for sustaining healthy skin


  1. If your skin is sensitive, look out for a cleanser that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps control acne, break outs and blackheads. It is best used twice a day, accompanied by a good exfoliator.sunscreen
  1. Look out for the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of sunscreen lotion. Under no circumstance should you use a sunscreen that is less than SPF 30. Sunscreen must be applied every two hours in particular, if you are engaged in an activity with prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunscreen may wear off through sweating and need to be constantly replaced to sustain skin protection.
  1. It is best to shave a few minutes after a warm shower. At such a point, pores are open and allow for a neater clean shave. Also shaving should be done in the same direction as hair growth to achieve a smoother skin texture. As shaving exfoliates the skin, it is best to use a good moisturiser to lubricate the skin after.


Skincare is an aspect that should be part of our daily routine. Simple processes and good products can help sustain healthy, radiant skin. Implementing some minor changes to skincare habits will ensure excellent everlasting skin quality for men and women alike