Puffy Eyes Gel


Puffy Eyes Gel firms and tightens puffiness around the eyes. The remarkable – often instantly visible firming action effect comes from the newly discovered flower Spilanthes Acmella Flower. The flower extract makes the fibroblast cells literally pull the skin’s fiber-network tightly together – like a spider in the web.

A cocktail of other vegetable extracts provides an effect of reducing fatty tissue deposits and stimulates the micro vessels to become tighter and reduces edema. Caffeine is also present to consume energy and further reduce the fatty tissue underneath the skin.

Apply the Puffy Eyes Gel both day and night on cleansed skin and feel the immediate pleasant cooling sensation when the product starts to penetrate the skin. Can be used in combination with Enriched Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Crème.

Unique Benefits

  • Active collagen firming and tightening of deep dermal tissues
  • A break-through in non-invasive techniques
  • Provides a pleasant cooling sensation while penetrating deeply

Main Ingredients

  1. SpilanthesAcmella Flower Extract is a flower extract providing a newly discovered biological contractive reaction when in contact with the dermal fibroblast cells. The fibroblast cells literally contract the skin by pulling the collagen/elastin network consisting of fibers – formerly “spun” by the fibroblasts. (Also in Line Combat Fluid)
  2. SodiumUrsolate and 12. Sodium Oleanoate are two very powerful ingredients with a unique capacity to repair aged and sun damaged skin. The most remarkable scientific findings are the recreated collagen fibre structures at the same level as found in young skin. This rejuvenates completely the treated skin, including a striking recreation of the surface of the skin’s micro-topography.

9 – 16. is a well-documented mixture of active ingredients with the combined actions of  helping the skin’s deepest layers to exude excessive waste substances and prevent the storage of fat beneath the skin. Contains caffeine that activates the skin to consume extra energy to avoid the reformation of fatty deposits.

  1. Menthol when applied to the skin it dilates the blood vessels in the skin and provides a significant sensation of coolness, followed by a pain killing analgesic effect on the skin. Menthol also helps to reduce itching on the skin.
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