Creme Metamorphique Enriched Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream


Treats fine lines, wrinkles and reduces dark eye zones caused by transparent and thin skin. The triple Vitamin A types in a Squalane formulation initiate the collagen fibre structure to grow denser and better organised as in a younger skin.  Use morning and night. This product should be gradually introduced into the daily skin care routine by applying only every second morning and night during the first two weeks to allow the skin to adapt to the Vitamin A and to avoid erythema or redness. After the first two weeks use every day and night for the best result. Can be used in combination with Puffy Eyes Gel.

Unique Benefits

  • Fights dark eye zones -when caused by transparency of thin skin
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makes the skin more robust and protects against the action of free radicals
  • Contains 3 different forms of Vitamin A each having their own way of rejuvenating the collagen fibre structure

Main Ingredients

  1. Squalanean oil naturally occurring in human skin and is an important part of the lipid system. Its penetration capacity is remarkably high. Nanometer droplets of squalane function as effective “transporters” for the A Vitamins and other oil soluble active ingredients. Young and healthy skin contains a high amount of squalane but the level will decrease dramatically with age. Therefore squalane is absorbed excellently into sun damaged and aged skin. A lack of squalane within the skin can lead to premature aging, very dry skin and a loss of elasticity. Areas of constantly exposed, dry and prematurely aged skin such as on the hands, elbows, heals and knees etc become incredibly soft immediately when squalane is applied in the right formulation.
  2. AloeBarbadensis Leaf Juice Powder is a natural raw material that functions as a natural humectant, and is well known for its soothing and healing properties.
  3. RetinylAccetate is like Retinyl Palmitate a particularly stable form of Vitamin A and it has a similar remarkable efficient rejuvenating action in the skin working in parallel with and in the same manner as in Retinyl Palmitate. It enables the skin’s specialized cells to rebuild and repair sun damaged and aged skin comparable to Retinyl Palmitate.
  4. RetinylPropionate is a third remarkable form of Vitamin A having the highest potency on the market today. It has the capacity to stabilise other forms of Vitamin A and the combined results in the potency is symbiotic.
  5. Tocopherolis another source of Vitamin E that plays an important role by protecting both the skin and the products against harmful free radicals and functions as a natural moisturizer and capable of reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
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