Clinical Super 3 Exfoliator


Clinical Super3 Exfoliator removes dead skin cells and opens clogged pores.

The creme simultaneously exfoliates biologically with three different types of acids: Glycolic acid, salicylic acid og azelaic acid – as well as salixalba bark extract. The result is a younger looking and silky smooth skin surface and a uniform surface relief.

Clinical Super3 Exfoliator also contains the antibacterial Propolis, the nature’s own defence against microbial infections, which prevents damage due to unclean skin, such as infections and the related scar formation.

Clinical Super3 Exfoliator has added Rooibos Extract, one of the most promising and multifunctional ingredients to improve the skin and strengthen the natural defense against age degradation.


Main Ingredients

  1. Glycolic Acid (AHA) is an extremely good exfoliator due to its great ability to penetrate and remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. Glycolic Acid also increases the moisture level in the skin.
  2. Polyethylene are small round pearls. The pearls gently rub off any dead cells and give a healthier looking skin without irritation mechanically.
  3. Salicylic Acid (BHA) is a key ingredients in the treatment of many skin disorders, for an example Acne and Psoriasis. Salicylic Acid dissolves dead skin cells, opens clogged pores and prevents them from clogging again.
  4. Azelaic Acid is known as an efficient ingredients for the treatment of Acne and Rosacea. Azleaic Acid reduces and removes blushing, prevents pores from clogging and works against the bacteria that helps cause Acne.
  5. PropolisCera Water Extract (PWE) is nature’s own defense against microbial infections found in bee hives where it protects the bees form diseases and fungal infections.


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