PRIME is a bi-monthly health and lifestyle magazine for those aged 40 years and above. Published since 2006
by Spring Publishing, it features cover story of inspiring celebrities, as well as other health and lifestyle information. Celebrate your best years with PRIME today!
PRIME has featured inspiring celebrities such as Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Mary Buffett and many others.

Each issue contains Special Feature that covers a specific theme and topic, Cover Story, Ask the Doctor section (where doctors will answer readers’ questions), Nutrition and Well-being, and Leisure and Lifestyle.
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Get In Shape: What Is Yours? (Part 2)

Apple People with an apple-shaped figure carry fat and weight around the middle, usually with a heavier upper body and a slimmer bottom. The…

Q & A: Bad Breath

I have bad breath, and I do not know what to do. No matter how frequen…

The Key to Enjoying Life

Just as we may plan a great vacation, enjoying life requires planning and effort. Enjoying life is a journey and not a destination that one …

Cleaning 101

  Spring clean your house the speedy way! Keep regular home-clean…


Question: My wife is in her 50s and she wears glasses due to short-sightedness. One day, she told me that she hoped to go for LASIK surgery …

Gourmet Salts

We are almost inseparable from salt – sodium controls the blood pressu…

Love Your Heart

In your 40s You are in the prime of your life but don’t take your heal…

Pump up on Pumpkins

  Pumpkin is one of the foods with the highest amounts of beta-ca…


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